Water Features & Pools
Water Feature and Hardscape Project Ponds, Pools & Waterfalls - Design & Installation

There are many creative and beautiful options to consider when thinking about water features. You have a wide array of ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and pool features that can transform a landscape from ordinary to extraordinary.

Blanford Design can design and install a beautiful water feature to add peace and tranquility to your outdoor spaces. There are numerous creative ways with which to create a water feature in your garden - or even creating a small pond within your landscape. We can help you decide on materials, maintenance plans and everything else to get your water feature 'flowing'. Believe it or not, we can even turn your drainage problems into a water feature! With the proper design and installation, you can have a beautiful and worry free addition to your landscape project. Click here to view our Water Feature & Pool Idea Gallery.

The sounds of water splashing on rocks and the flash of sunlight as it reflects from a bubbling fountain are just a few of the joys a Blanford Design water feature can bring.

Let the water feature design experts at Blanford Design create the perfect water feature for your yard - contact us today for a free in-home design consultation.