Perennials and Plantings
Perennial Garden Project Perennial Gardens & Plantings: Design and Installation

Blanford Design works closely with each and every client to develop a perennial garden and plantings design that complements their home conceptually and architecturally, while suiting their needs on an individual basis. An emphasis is placed on “the right plant in the right place concept” in all planting designs. This means trees and shrubs are specified according to size, sunlight and soil-type requirements of the plants. As a result, the plantings will be beautiful and thrive for many years. All plants are hand-selected from reputable growers.

We don't just install gardens, we create them. Each step in the process is vital to the success of the garden, beginning with soil preparation. The plants we select are top grade and chosen for vigor, disease resistance and suitability for your climate. We plant with care and always consider the spacing and ultimate size of a plant before it goes in the ground. Our gardens continually change and evolve with the seasons, even after we have designed and implemented a garden plan. Click here to view our Hardscape & Outdoor Room Idea Gallery.

Let the perennial garden and plantings design experts at Blanford Design create the perfect perennial garden for your yard - contact us today for a free in-home design consultation.