The Perennial Gardens and Plantings Idea Gallery
Perennial Garden Project Perennial gardens & plantings - diversity & elegance

We design gardens both for new installation projects and where there is already existing landscaping present. We consult with you to determine how you are going to utilize your spaces while listening to your ideas regarding colors and plants. We identify the existing elements of the landscape to keep and which to remove and then enhance what remains with our artistic vision and knowledge of plant culture and combinations. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve the gardens you really want, not to design what we think you want!

We don't just install gardens, we create them. Each step in the process is vital to the success of the garden, beginning with soil preparation. We use judicious amounts of compost and deeply work and amend the existing soil. The plants we select are top grade and chosen for vigor, disease resistance and suitability for your climate. We plant with care and always consider the spacing and ultimate size of a plant before it goes in the ground. Our gardens continually change and evolve with the seasons, even after we have designed and implemented a garden plan.

Let the perennial garden design experts at Blanford Design create the perfect perennial garden for your yard - contact us today for a free in-home design consultation.