Hardscapes & Outdoor Rooms
Water Feature and Hardscape Project Hardscape & Outdoor Room - Design & Installation

Blanford Design can create an outdoor oasis in your backyard. Designing a relaxing outdoor space allows you to spend more quality time outdoors - it's like adding another room to your home. If you are considering a one of a kind outdoor living area design, we can give you exactly what you want. We will provide your with a design before the job begins, giving you the ability to see how the finished product will appear before we even start the project. Architectural drawings and 3D Imagery are just a few of the services we offer so that you won’t regret the decisions you've made for your landscaping design. Click here to view our Hardscape & Outdoor Room Idea Gallery.

Some of the hardscape projects we design and install are:

• Outdoor Kitchens and Rooms
• Natural Stone Paving and Walls
• Paver Driveways, Sidewalks and Walkways
• Retaining Walls and Paver Patios
• Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Let the hardscape design experts at Blanford Design create the perfect hardscape for your yard - contact us today for a free in-home design consultation.