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Hardscapes can be either formal or informal - it really depends upon the style of your home's architecture and it's surrounding landscape. Blanford Design believes that with hardscapes, textural variety is important and should be considered carefully. On one hand, using only one texture or material can make the area appear dull and lifeless. Yet, using too many textures can make the surrounding area appear unattractive and cluttered.

So what do you do? Call Blanford Design and allow us to consult with you with no cost or obligation. We will find the balance your property and project need - and deserve. It's usually better to choose no more than two or three textures or hardscape materials. These should be both visually appealing and complement your home's exterior. This also includes color.

When planned out carefully, hardscapes will improve and complement the overall appearance of your home's landscape.

Let the hardscape design experts at Blanford Design create the perfect hardscape for your yard - contact us today for a free in-home design consultation.